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Quickstart Guide
Get started by learning the basics. Watch this Quickstart guide to see how to setup and manage your first project.
Intro Overview
Introducing RedCritter Tracker
RedCritter Tracker is for Agile project management or any other type of todo-style project. See how innovative features such as badges and rewards can increase your team's productivity.
On-Premises Installation
On-Premises Installation
A walkthrough for installing the on-premises version of RedCritter Tracker on your own Windows server.
Taskboard Wallboard
Keep your team, stakeholders and clients up-to-date on project progress with your own live, animated wallboard.
Profile Accomplishments
Publish Your Profile
Publish your profile to the public RedCritter Accomplishments Directory for the world to see.
Skills Profile
Choose Your Skills
Learn how to choose skills for your profile.
Photo Thumbnail Avatar Profile
Add Your Photo
See how to upload and edit your personal profile photo.
UI Interface Customization Views
Customize Your Layout
Tips for customizing the layouts of your list-based screens.
Project Task How Sprint Workflow
Your First Project and Task
See how to get started by creating your first project and walking a task through the workflow.
Backlog Management Product Sprint Release
Managing Backlogs
Use drag and drop to prioritize and manage your backlogs.
Sending Message Attachments
Adding a Message with Attachment
Discover how to send a feed message and include a file attachment.
Rewards Purchasing
Purchasing Rewards
Ready to buy your first reward? See how to do it here.
Rewards Management Administration Store
Managing Rewards
See how to set up and run your company's Rewards Store.
SAAS Cloud Registration Signup
Sign up for a trial account in seconds. Here's how.
Admin Reward Points Adjusting
Adjusting Reward Points
Learn how to increase or decrease a person's reward points.
Profile Alerts Preferences
Set Your Alert Preferences
Adjust your alerts to suite your personal preferences.
Team Find
Team Selection
Learn how to choose team members for your project with skill-based search.


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