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RedCritter Tracker is Agile project management unlike anything you've ever experienced. Give it a try and discover an exciting new way to work!

Only RedCritter Tracker gives you real-time project feeds, badges for your accomplishments and even your own company rewards store.

Powerful Project Management

Easily manage multiple projects and teams. Role-based permissions allow you to create just the right level of access for every user.

Real-time Taskboard

Keep your team, stakeholders and clients up-to-date with your own live, animated wallboard. It displays tasks and message feeds in real-time. It's great for wall-mounted monitors and even iPads.

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Keep the Team Up-To-DateConfigurable ViewsReal-time StatusGreat with iPadGive Clients Visiblity into Their Projects

Drag & Drop Interface

Our ground-breaking UI makes all aspects of project management as easy as drag & drop. Manage your product and sprint backlog, your team and even your stories and tasks with a flick of your mouse.

50 Badges for your Team to Unlock

Your devs can earn up to 50 badges for accomplishing a variety of tasks. Devs can show off their achievements and even publish their accomplishments for the world to see in the RedCritter Accomplishments Directory.

Rewards Store with Special Perks

Project managers can place a point value on important tasks. Devs earn points by successfully completing each task. Plus you get a company Rewards Store where you can let your Devs redeem their points for any type of perk you want to offer.

Real-time Message Feeds

Every team, project plan, project and sprint has its own dedicated Twitter-style feed. Use secure feeds to share documents, photos and even story and task info.

Publish your Accomplishments

Publish your professional profile, skills and badges for the world to see in the RedCritter Accomplishments Directory. You can even embed your profile widget or link in your email signature, web site or blog.

Integrated Tooltips

Streamline your day-to-day work with powerfull tooltip rollovers. Get all the details just by mousing over people, stories and tasks.

Interactive Reports

Monitor your progress with built-in interactive reports. Slice-and-dice your project data company-wide, project-wide or even for a specific sprint. Export your results out to Excel for in-depth analysis.

Automatic Time-Tracking

Easily track time spent on every task. Compare your actual versus estimated time. When you're done, export your time-tracking data out to Excel for your invoicing.


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