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Business Gamification

Business Gamification refers to the use of game mechanics in business software. RedCritter Tracker is the first and only gamified project management software. It incorporates badges, rewards, points and even leaderboards.

Why should you gamify your workplace? At RedCritter we have found that building game mechanics into the core of our software helps businesses operate much more effectively.

Benefits of Gamification

  • Increases employee productivity
  • Increases quality of work
  • Improves employee morale
  • Increases employee retention
  • Creates an exciting work environment
  • It's easy to get started just visit www.redcrittertracker.com

Agile project management has never been easier or more effective. The key ingredients of Gamification were built into RedCritter Tracker from day one including a points system, rewards store, badges and even a real-time leader board.

Gamify with Points

The RedCritter Rewards Store makes completing important tasks even more rewarding. With RedCritter Tracker your project managers can assign Reward Point values to any task. Developers earn points by successfully completing the tasks, then redeem them in the Rewards Store.

Gamification with Badges

As developers complete tasks or perform certain actions they can also earn badges. Badges are pinned to each developer's profile so they can share their accomplishments. Every company starts with 50 locked badges all of which can be eventually unlocked by your employees.

Instant Enterprise Gamification

RedCritter is working to bring you even more ways to gamify your business. Follow us on Twitter for our latest gamification product announcements @TheRedCritter


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