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Frequently Asked Questions

About the Trial

Does the trial require a credit card?

No. Trials are completely risk-free.

How does the free 30-day trial work?

Our trial accounts are fully functional and good for 30 days. To start a trial, simply choose the number of starting user licenses that you require and we will instantly activate your account. Near the end of your trial we will remind you to upgrade to a live account. At that time, if you choose to upgrade, you will enter your billing information and we will bill you for the number of users in your trial plan. You can convert to a live account anytime before your trial expires and all your data will carry over.

How does your licensing work?

We charge a flat monthly rate for each user license. We find this offers better flexibility for our customers rather than forcing them into buckets with unneeded users or features. In the case of massive storage utilization, over 2 GB per user license, we charge $1.00 per GB per month for the overage amount. For example, a 10 user account can utilize up to 20GB of storage total before incurring additional storage fees. We offer monthly plans as well as discounted annual plans.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

Absolutely not, you may cancel at any time.

Can I adjust the number of my user licenses?

Yes, you can add or remove user licenses from your account at anytime. If you are using a trial account the number of licenses that you have allocated will determine your starting plan. If you have a live account you will be prompted for payment when you want to add your new licenses. If your remove licenses your next monthly statement will reflect the change.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

What web browsers do you support?

We support Internet Explorer 7, 8 and 9 along with recent versions of Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera. If you are using Internet Explorer 7 or 8, we strongly recommend upgrading to version 9 for the best performance and user experience.

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What is RedCritter Tracker?

RedCritter Tracker an innovative, gamified project management solution specifically designed for the Agile software development methodology.

Can I use RedCritter Tracker for managing other types of projects?

RedCritter Tracker is great for managing any type of To-do style project for a single person, a team or even multiple teams. It might not be a perfect fit for traditional project management, but you can try it for free so give it a shot.

What makes RedCritter Tracker special?

RedCritter Tracker helps you effortlessly handle multiple teams and projects and has gamification built in. It also has the convenient ability to track time at the task level for your billing purposes. RedCritter Tracker is the only project management solution that includes a rewards store and badges that can be earned by your team.

Who manages the Rewards Store?

The Rewards Store is your company’s private store. It’s an optional feature that you may choose to enable. We provide everything you need to manage your Rewards Store. It’s up to you what you offer. It is also up to you to fulfill rewards store purchases by your employees.

Why is the Rewards Store important for project management?

The Rewards Store is a powerful capability for any project manager. It allows them to assign points to any task. When these tasks are completed successfully the points are distributed. Imagine having an easy way to motivate and reward your team for completing important tasks!

How are badges awarded?

RedCritter Tracker automatically awards badges when certain conditions are met. There are 50 badges in all for your company to unlock. Badges are awarded for a variety of things including newbie tasks, team work and exemplary performance.

Why are badges important for project management?

Badges are an easy way to motivate and engage your team. They provide an interesting way for your team members to show off their accomplishments.

Do you offer a hosted version?

Yes, you can start your free trial here. You can upgrade at any time during your trial for $5.99 per user per month or upgrade to an annual plan to receive a discount.

Do you offer a hosted version?

Yes, you can start your free trial here. You can upgrade at any time during your trial for $5.99 per user per month.

Do you offer an on-premises version?

Yes, we allow you to install RedCritter Tracker on your own servers. We offer a completely free on-premises version with (3) three user licenses. This license will never time out and allows unlimited projects. It may be all you ever need. In order to move beyond your free license you can upgrade to the enterprise version. The on-premises enterprise upgrade has a one-time license fee of $1,799 and includes an additional 12 user licenses bringing you to a total of 15. You may choose to purchase additional user licenses and an optional maintenance plan. If you do it will provide you with all major and minor updates for free for 1 year. Download it here

What is included in the Enterprise version?

The Enterprise version includes additional user licenses as well as project copy and undelete features.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Our on-premises version includes a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee. If you aren’t totally satisfied we will refund your purchase.


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